Posted Jun 13, 2021, 8:30:27 PM UTC

Name: Maxwell Blake

Age: 32

Species: Elf

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Maxwell is 5'10, 6 foot if you include the antlers. No one knows why he has the antlers, not even Max himself. They simply grew in when he was around a year old. His elvish parents were worried Max had been cursed, but even that hadn't been proven. He simply... has the antlers. Max was not born under his current name, as he discovered he was transgender at 16. He, despite his worries, was accepted by his family, and he was able to transition. By 30, Maxwell felt he was ready to explore the world without much trouble, and he soon set off to travel throughout the paperverse.

Likes: Art, music, the color purple, sweets, that lil "shickieshickie" noise that containers make when you shake em.

Dislikes: spiders, pickles, heights, loud noises, violence.

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