Fillet the Wanderer

Posted Aug 4, 2021, 6:55:35 AM UTC

Found this lovely looking site by pure happen-stance! An art-based roleplaying game sounds like a lot of fun, so I figured I'd give this a go too~ Behold, yet ANOTHER Cat Character!


Character Name: Fillet

Character Age: 23

Character Species: Tabaxi (Anthro-Feline)

Hair color: Grayed Fur, short-cut.

Eye color: Amber

Biography: Born into a small family of wandering Feline Merchants, Fillet grew up learning the basic fundamentals of the Mercantile life and sword play, helping her family sell their wares as they traveled the land. During her adolescent years, Fillet would be separated from her Family and caravan during an attack; now alone, Fillet would learn to live on her own along the many roads of the land, and with that, would overcome many hardships. Without much coin to her name, Fillet aims to find a new place she can call home and find some decent work.

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