UA4 Character Profile

Posted Sep 8, 2021, 6:25:09 AM UTC

Basic Info

Character Name: UA4 (real name is Alex Hall, but that's... well, in her words it's "classified")

Character Age: 24

Character Species: Human

Hair Colour: Yellow

Eye Colour: Blue

Biography and Stuff

TL;DR - A woman travelling through the Paperverse in hopes of finding a way back to her home world. Definitely not a secret agent who accidentally found herself in another universe or anything nope.

An odd traveler who claims to have fallen through one of the Paperverse portals and is trying to find a way back to her own world. Though she's friendly enough and tries to get along with locals and other travelers she comes across, UA4 doesn't tend to give out information about herself very freely and barely talks about where she came from. She brought a blaster and communicator with her when she found her way into this world, but they've both malfunctioned upon entering the Paperverse. With her own abilities not seeming to work in this world either, UA4 decided that journeying through the Paperverse would be the best way of returning home.

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