Harpia family anatomy comparison

Posted Oct 24, 2021, 9:04:46 AM UTC

Comparison of body types of my harpia family. Zohar to the right and his mate Taka to the left with their children Zharca and Woodchuck in the middle.

Zohar is quite stocky and missing a leg, due to his injuries he is not the most apt flier and hunter anymore but a brute force in combat, nobody dares messing with his family

Taka lithe and athletic built with more narrow wings, she is providing for the whole family as a skilled hunter, she keeps her tail feathers short for better manouverability

Zharca she never learned how to fly and gets by walking, her primaries are kept short and tail in a bundle. Her legs have become muscular and bendy over the years.

Woodchuck he outgrows even his father and has extremely fluffy feathers, gorgeous crest and broad wings. He lives in Northern Wyvera and feels most comfortable in snowy areas.

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