Terryn Aren'zael Greystone Character Profile

Posted Nov 22, 2021, 2:04:09 AM UTC

Character Name: Terryn Aren'zael Greystone

Character Species: Atorsian Lizard

Character Age: 18

Character Gender: Male

Character Height: 5'7

Brief biography:

Terryn was born and raised within a small tribal village within a large jungle. He is an only child, and throughout his life he mostly kept to himself out of preference. Once he turned 16 he left his village and went to live on his own, far away from the village, within a deep, peaceful, safe part of the jungle. Where he now lives within a small crystal cave. Foraging for food, and learning crystal sorceries and alchemy from texts supplied by his village elders.

He is kind, caring, and affectionate towards all things living. Taking comfort in knowing that he makes the world a little less of a painful place.

Within his love for living things is also his love and appeciation for nature. Spending much of his time outside walking amongst the trees, and often sleeps in the grass, in trees, or relaxes in rivers. Alongside sunbathing on large, warm rocks, as most lizards are prone to do.

Another notible thing about him, is his love for dragons. As small of a creature he is, he hopes to one day have a draconic mate of his own to spend his life with.

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