Blood covered memories

Posted Nov 30, 2021, 7:54:18 PM UTC

In the Vampire the Masquerade game I'm in, my character, Vaughan and Jun were driving around the out skirts of New York when his car was rammed by a semi, and they were attacked by Anarchs. Vaughan ended up breaking free to stop Jun being stabbed by a stake, only for a vampire to drink him and be staked. He woke up the next night locked in a room by the woman that drank his blood- she was pretty friendly to him cause of a beastial failure, and I'm still finding out about the situation, but I know for certain that Jake is "questioning" Jun about the death of Cathy, a girl that use to be in Jun's coterie. Cathy is Jake's sister, and he wants to know how she died, cause he knows Jun "killed" her. I have my theory on what happened. I need to wait a few more days to find out how Cathy died. 

On thing is for sure, it's going to mess up Vaughan's image of Jun in his mind of being a kind hearted man in some way. 

The photo at the top is Jun's coterie, Nikolai (Gangrel- Vaughan's sire), Cathy (I think she's Brujah?), Jun (Toreador), Murphy(Tremere).

The bottom is Jake (Brujah/Anarch), Jun.

Media- Procreate on iPad pro 11"

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