Faedin Forest

Posted Dec 23, 2021, 9:14:55 AM UTC

Prompt #2 - The Glow Clouds

Once a year, the fungi across the planet release glowing spores to reproduce. Most visiting species must wear protective gear to go out during this season. Tides of colorful motes drift through the air in gentle currents, swept into rainbows of light through the trees. Draw or write your character watching the spore lights in the forest. Your piece must include your character, indication of a forest, and glowing spores.


So this disaster is my experiment with color. I wanted to color it like those Blacklight attractions. My OC colors here don't match his regular colors, but it's not a permanent design change. I only did it for this picture. Those glowing things under the mushrooms on the midground are the spores, but they are a little hard to see because of those glowing mushrooms, glowing trees, glowing character and glowing everything. I'm sorry, I won't do this again! XD

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