Yukine's Talisman

Posted Jan 13, 2022, 6:16:55 PM UTC

First card of the Arcanum Deck - The Fool

This card belongs to the second Child of Yggdrasil, Melmond Grant. Melmond was very close to Yukine and because of that he decided to take one of the Tarot as his talisman. This powerful card is part of a set, but it holds the most sentiment to him because of the stories behind it and how it became to be. The talisman offers protection to those whom its owner deems is a friend and because of that Yukine was offered it to head on this new journey. Melmond expects it to be returned when Yukine comes back and as such, Yukine cannot lose it or die on any journey he takes it on in a fear that he cannot keep his promise.

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