Martin The Martian Prince

Posted Jan 14, 2022, 12:13:34 PM UTC


Age:16(31.96 in Martian years)


Hair color:Red

Eye color : Emerald Green

Home planet :Mars

Occupation:Leader of the Extraterrestial Armada, son of the Martian king

Friends:Earl, Mervyn, Vanessa, John, Margaret, Napoleon, Soliel

Enemies:Ulrich, Sabrina, Lord Vomaill, Lord Aludra, Ophiucus

Family:Archimedes (father), Lyra (Mother), Sarah (older sister), Deimos (first uncle), Phobos (second uncle), Aglaia ( adopted single mother)

Weapon of choice:bow and arrow


Martin use to be an ordinary young man, but this change when he reveal to Earl that not only he is a martian but a prince too.

He admit it that he have visions of a baby sleeping in a crib. He later finds out that he was born during the war on his home planet, his parents had no choice but to let Plato of the Dwarf planet to take him into the Blue Planet, where he was adopted by a scientist named Aglaia who raises him as her child.

She make to him a amulet that can transform him into a human and back, she told him to be very careful as amulet is of crystal and it can be shattered. On his way, he meet a farm boy named Earl, at first he was not sure about him and his family, however, he used to get into it

.He introduced Earl to his friends, Mervyn, from the innermost and smallest planet Mercury, Vanessa, from the brightest planet Venus and John, from the second largest planet Jupiter.

They later became a team know as the Extraterrestial Armada that no matter the challenge, conflict or villains, they always fight and never give up.

Martin finds that there is ancient old alien lord named Vomaill who want to take over the world, so he decided to team up with his friends and go to find the rest of the second Extraterrestial Armada. on their way, their neptunian mentor Napoleon decided to work on alchemy to make amulets of the gems. After they defeated Vomaill with the amulet, Martin discovers that his parents and sister appear and they reunited together with their bonding.

Martin decided to say goodbye to his human Earl as he has to return to his home planet, but he promised to visit him any time soon.



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