Posted May 27, 2022, 10:55:34 PM UTC

Full Name: Primrose

Nickname: Prim

Age: 300

Species: Forest spirit

Gender: They/them

Sexuality: Demi Panromantic Bisexual

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Light orange



Prim lives in a lush forest full of different animals that they care for and protect the best they can from any danger that may come. They can understand the animals in the forest and can even shape shift into any animal they wish. However no matter what form they are in they will always their wings in some way and the animal form will have its skull for its head.

Prim is actually blind when they do not wear the deer skull on their head, this isnt much of a problem however as they can still get around and do things themself and also the animals living there help them out too.

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