Raiders of the Solar Winds - The Pirates

Posted Jun 3, 2022, 11:32:56 AM UTC

Prompt #1 - The Pirates

Your character has thrown their lot in with the raiders of the solar winds! Pirate crews range from loose associations of ragtag criminals to highly sophisticated and tight knit forces. Is your character raiding on their own? As part of a crew? Is your character’s specialty piloting or boarding? Does your character prefer a stealth approach or do they come knocking on the front door of the convoy ships? Draw or write your character as part of the pirate fleet. Your piece must include your character and either space ships, freighter cargo or treasure, or an encounter with a convoy.


Fuzzy looks good as a pirate because of his skull mask. Good thing I was thinking ahead when I was designing him and put most of his bright blacklight colors on his accessories, so they can be removed if they don't work well with the color scheme of the picture. I'm too lazy to do proper shading right now. Maybe I'll add it later.

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