Posted Jun 15, 2022, 12:35:09 PM UTC

Character Name: Imogene

Character Age: 13 

Character Species: Human 

Hair color: Brown 

Eye color: Hazel

Imogene is the cabin girl on the ship Rebellion 

Imogene is just a street kid who the crew of the Rebellion picked up in a city somewhere.  
Imogene is not Princess Isme Belwyn, the only child of Prince Nicholas, who disappeared on the night of his death.  Imogene is certainly not on the run, hiding from her mustache twirlingly evil uncle.  The fact that they are the same age and are very similar in appearence is pure coincidence. 
Imogene is a very fearsome pirate, and the whole navy quakes in fear of her.  

Imogene might be a bit of a liar. 

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