Fence fanart - Selfie

Posted Jul 16, 2022, 6:55:20 PM UTC

Fence comic (Boom!) fanart - Nicholas x Seiji

Media: Procreate

Disclaimer: I do not own Fence nor make a profit from it. This is purely for fun.


"Hey, Seiji, come over here, and let's take a selfie," Nicholas called, and he pulled the boy against him before Seiji could refuse.

Seiji glared into the photo while Nicholas made a ridiculous duck face. After a few clicks, Nicholas crowed happily and let Seiji go, and he began texting on his phone. Seiji assumed he was sending the photo to someone else.

"Who are you sending that to?" Seiji demanded - though he was more curious than angry.

"Oh yeah, I guess I never told you," he said. "Your dad has been texting me. He says you never reply to his texts with photos."

"What! Since when have you been texting my father?" Seiji said, scandalized.

"Since, I dunno, a few months ago?" Nicholas said with a nonchalant shrug. Seiji's face turned red. Nicholas seemed more concerned with the reply to his photo text.

"Hey, he liked it!" Nicholas said. "Seiji, your dad is pretty cool."

Seiji was visibly embarrassed, but he couldn't help but feel fondness for the boy who claimed to be his friend and was now earning the attention of his father.


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