Tib Reference

Posted Jul 28, 2022, 5:12:47 PM UTC

Just a reference for my silly little dude


Here's some random info about him for anyone that would like to know things

• He is about 3 feet tall, or roughly 91 centimeters - this is from the bottom of his paws to the top of his head, it does not include his ears.

• His two tails are like giant feathers. They're very soft, but super stiff and cannot be posed in  fancy ways.

• Anything on him that is the bright green can glow softly, and in UV light, glow brightly

• He smells like the inside of a sewer. Because he hangs out in one and takes naps there. Awful Little Sewer Creature.

• He is a reanimated corpse and his body can be mangled beyond recognition or even be completely vaporized. He will always return to normal though, given enough time. It's not exactly healing, it's more like time is being reversed on him through his master's power. It is not a painless process. He is Extremely Dramatic about it.

• He has a friend named Rain and they do everything in their power to shove him off of anything and everything if he so much as dares to wander too close to an edge. He never gets upset with them over it, this is just how friendship works. Clearly. 
• He doesn't like to get too close to people physically unless they're somehow immune to, or unbothered by radiation (like being undead). He will, however, use his radiation to cause harm if he was tasked to go after someone, or if he has been provoked.

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