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Character Name: Bryndis

Character Age: 22

Character Species: Drákaíma a.k.a. "Dragon Blooded"

Hair color: Silver

Eye color: Lime Green



     Bryndis vaguely remember the early years of her life. She knows something bad had happened and she had to leave what was once her home. After wandering aimlessly for days she was found by an older individual from home, he and a few others were put in charge of evacuating children and babies. She was one of the oldest kids among them and did her best to help out. Either by carrying what meager supplies they had or by holding a baby so an adult could carry a tired child instead. This continued for quite a while. Sometimes an adult would leave and head back to see if others survived, but those who did so rarely returned. Once a search party came back with a few others, badly injured but alive nonetheless. Through the collective struggle, Bryn learned a lot: how to tend wounds, how to comfort babies, and how to hunt and forage for food. They never could find anything that would feed everybody, but still felt content when they could share what they had with others. 

     At some point, when even the adults could no longer feign hope, a strange phenomenon occurred. A few children had been messing around with some nearby flowers and a hole in the world opened up. Looking through was an entirely different world, a world where they could sense clean water and abundant food. There was no need to discuss it. They were all willing to face whatever challenge may lie ahead, and they went through it. On the other side, they waited for the portal to close before continuing. It did after a couple of hours, and as it closed the group was set to get to work on building their new life. 


     They established themselves in an area with large trees like that of redwoods, building on and around their trunks. Everyone helps out one another by doing different tasks. Even before currencies were never used as everyone had a purpose and did their best for the benefit of everybody. The elderly would perform tasks like childcare, teaching, and recordkeeping. (Quite a few Drákaíma had managed to bring art and writing with them, and now the old ones were documenting the events of the past few years and their life before so it wouldn't be forgotten.) Adults would hunt, tend to animals (usually birds to have the eggs to eat), gather materials, build when needed, and train youngsters in combat. The understanding and practice of fighting styles were not prioritized before, and they would not make the same mistake again. Teens and young adults are typically in charge of scouting, keeping watch, and other miscellaneous tasks. Children mostly played and learned, but would perform tasks like gardening and laundry when necessary. 

     At one point a stable portal was found on the planet and the group had plans. If they had managed to escape it's not unlikely that others would have managed it too. Many of the young adults volunteered to explore these worlds and recruit other members of their kind to this new sanctuary they made for themselves. A few years later, Bryndis had grown old enough to leave. She was sad to leave her sibs and friends but was more excited by what she could do and see. All the different kinds of people she would meet, those without horns and sharp teeth. Yeah, she was ready.



  • Eating (even garbage)
  • Her family (who she was raised by/with and who she finds along the way)
  • Being pet/pat (hair tousles escpecially)
  • Carrying people (on their shoulders or their tail)


  • Their teeth (too scary, too weird)
  • Wearing clothes (few exceptions)
  • Accidentally hurting someone (sometimes forgets others aren't tough like them)
  • When she's angry (the smoke is uncomfortable)

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