show them a face they can mirror

Posted Aug 29, 2022, 9:16:30 PM UTC

August 7th
    An adult wyfex was arrested approximately at 21:43 local time, for destruction of public property. According to the attached identification file (A01), 25 years of actual age, previous criminal records attached (A02). The suspect wears a light colored, slightly skull-like mask with dark protrusions. It is highly protective of the item. An officer brushed the mask accidentally with her fingers when doing an inspection, while the suspect was still wearing it, and the wyfex promptly broke her arm. Report attached (A03). The suspect was confined, and its belongings confiscated. Use of force was necessary. On a closer inspection, the mask has numerous scratches on its inner surface, seemingly tallies of some kind, as they are in groups of five. It seems to be a part of the wyfex's identity in a way or another, as it effectively hides its recognizable, race specific feature of eyelessness. Photos attached (A04, A05, A06, A07).

    The demeanor of the wyfex is somewhat nervous and restless. It seems tense, despite its attempts of trying to hide this tension in its behavior. Continuously tapping on the floor with its foot during interrogation. Nearly physically lashed out at an officer. Transcript attached (A9). Caution is advised if approached or handled.


August 9th
    The suspect escaped custody two hours ago, killing any officer resisting its advancement. Possesses abilities never seen before on a wyfex. Warrant attached (A11), universal distribution pending. Highly dangerous and armed. Shoot to kill.

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  • Aug 30, 2022, 3:39:50 AM UTC
    Oh this is a VERY interesting little third person character moment. I'll be keeping an eye out for more Icarus.



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