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Posted Sep 19, 2022, 1:44:53 AM UTC


Age = 22


Species - Anthro Cat/Deer

Fur + Dark and Light Magenta

Eyes + Dark whites and bright green pupils 

---- Bio ----


Akuji (Once known as Lucky) was once A proud botionist whom loved greenery. They were fond of plants but had the hobby of A Hunter that they would never trade away for anything.

Lucky brought down many beasts of all shapes and sizes but was best known for taking down deer. Racks of anthlers would line the walls of what used to be his home, sharp and dangerous.

One night, Lucky was speeding down the highway, in A rush to get to the airport. In his rush he might have killed A rabbit or two but he did not see out of the corner of his eye, A deer now bounding across the road. Lucky swerved as soon as they saw the deer, but as soon as they did, everything fell into darkness.

Lucky woke up, their breath still as quick before. Lucky soon gained they senses and decided to wash up at A river. Before they did so their was scratched and bruised, but when they washed themself in the water their entire face had washed with it, leaving only they skull intact. Lucky later, due to his now demoished face, was named Akuji "Dead and Awake". Their town banished them ( :( ) leaving him wanting alone on his adventures. 

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