Walking the Plank

Posted Sep 25, 2022, 6:58:42 PM UTC

Prompt #3 - The Investigators

Detectives, private investigators, reporters, and others race to find the source of the Cygnan Stellar System’s pirate problem. Hundreds of pirate ships, full fleets of raiders? It’s not possible that the change happened overnight for no reason. Someone must be responsible. Digging through corporate documents, meeting with disgruntled pirates, stowing away on various ships involved in the conflict, there’s nothing that can stop these intrepid investigators. Draw or write your character investigating the pirate problem. Your piece must include your character, and either other characters that they are interviewing or investigating, or various documents. You may also show your character breaking into somewhere or something (computers, magical communicators, etc.) that they are investigating.  

Merian got caught in the middle of his investigation and, somewhere along the way he seems to have lost his shirt.  He's about to go for a nice swim. 

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