Tonks the shapeshifting Tinker

Posted Oct 12, 2022, 2:27:52 AM UTC

Tonks the Shapeshifting tinker! 

Name: Tyra Tonks
Nicknames: Tonks (used the most), Prof Tonks, Tonks the supreme, Tonks the Shapeshifting Tinker.
Age: young adult (I'm unsure for age rn but it is an adult)
Spieaces: Shapeshifter (Human + Cat)
Pronouns: It/Its (but is ok with They/them, She/Her and any cat based neos) 
Alignment: Neutral Evil (Well I mean its not a bad guy to say... but its not lawful or good either :>)
Hair colour: Brown (with a purple patch)
Eye color: Blue

Tonks is a shapeshifter whom is very talented with machinery and potion works.
Being from what you would call a genric DnD based town with settings akin to the industral England/steampunk look, Tonks is very much like a hermit whom often likes its own space and tinkering with its own projects. 
Its unknown what the true form of Tonk's is but many have guessed the human form as it transforms into it alot with: talking to others, needing to do some intricate work and fighting to name a few. meanwhile the cat form mostly being used for stealth and relaxing. ( For this we will say the human form is the main one ok :D ) 
 Personality wise it tends to be quite proud and rude when first meeting.
Seeing itself with high praise and with a nice dose of self worth yet willing to be grounded especially with dealing with others...especially to knock some braggers down a peg or two.
It often takes a bit for it to warm up and when it does you know you got a loyal bud to the end (even if what it does is un lawful at times...) it just takes a bit. 

Other traits being: Stuborn, Quiet, protective (especially over its work), curious, pratical and stragetic... oh and a chaos gremlin >:D

I hope this character fits the bill with its tweeking needed and hope for the many chaotic turns and twists our evil cat human shifter goes on! 
And dw I'll link the ref here too soon!

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