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Posted Mar 19, 2006, 5:57:22 PM
Just the kinda girl to take home to  meet your mum...

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  • Mar 19, 2006
    LOL! Well, dahling, I love the tatoos, for sure. You have such a knack for building the character with a single picture. Great, as usual.
    • Mar 22, 2006
      Cheers Robbo! still an obvious lack of background though eh? oh well... one day... not today obviously... not when there's turnps to be eaten!
      • Mar 22, 2006
        It may take an awfully long time for you to get through that turnip stock of yours, though, mightn't it? Grin
        • Mar 25, 2006
          tis true... i do have a rather large collection.... bloody hording instincts!
          • Mar 29, 2006
            Same reason I horde pretty rocks? No wait - that's in anticipation for the need to defend myself from millions of rabid miniature badgers...
  • Nov 29, 2006
    Great art work.. this could easilly be your intereritaion of Pamala, lol, for some reason she looks like her. Great attention to detail and your lighting is consistant. though her calve is not well proportioned.
  • Apr 12, 2007
    "Heaven This Way"... That is quite possibly the awesomest tattoo ever!