Bright Future

Posted Oct 21, 2022, 3:37:12 AM UTC

A world in which his mother lives and the three of them learn about their lycanthropy together. I imagine his hair is tied back somehow so as not to get in the way of his archery. 

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  • Nov 9, 2022, 3:46:00 PM UTC
    It's a very cute art-style! It makes me think he'd make a cute wooden doll xD
    • Nov 9, 2022, 5:51:53 PM UTC
      aw thanks!
      I could see this Conall doing that too! i don't think his default version would have the patienceX)
  • Oct 21, 2022, 3:58:56 PM UTC
    Awww. Conall without a tragic history! 💕



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