Posted Nov 22, 2022, 8:28:34 PM UTC

With centuries of life and the lingering power of witchcraft on her feathers, Everstranze sees herself as the epitome of perfection, wisdom, and vigor. While vain and two-faced, her true pride lies in the memory of her late Mistress Nox, whose lessons of gentleness and humility fell on deaf ears and instead empowered Everstranze’s egocentric mission to finish what she believes her mistress had died trying to complete. In her cruel mission to make the natural world an immortal haven built only for the strong, she expects all to serve her in a promised eternal life and abandon the curse of day, else be sacrificed.

Everstranze is a long-feathered crescent owl, scientifically known as Lophostrix lunae. Like all crescent owls, she is adorned with a giant white crescent-shaped tufts on her head. With her deep gray plumage with a tint of purple, she glistens in the moonlight with her excessive preening. Her orange eyes flicker with an amber ring around her pupils like a solar eclipse. With a beak and talons sharp as fangs, her wings are strengthened from years of hunting and fighting. Her tail feathers hang from the branches like a giant cloak. She is 386 years old.


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