Posted Jan 11, 2023, 9:55:16 PM UTC

With a dark cyan thin scale tone for most of my body, a light blue tint for my large chest and belly scales, smooth horns, lower jaw, and feet and hand (?) pads, a cyan-blue gradient for the iris (which occupies the space of basically the whole eye), white, short, razor sharp fangs and retractile talons, human tongue, average physique, black tail tip for and hair, and polymorphic magic to take a human form. I am a fifteen year old blue dragon that gives his best face despite his darker past, since his parents, an unusual couple of a hunter and a dragon female, died ten months before he hatched in October after casting a magic flow seal, that kept him as a human til age two, and after Christmas day, the only thing he remembers from them is a carol of bells (you can hear Pentatonix's version of "Carol of the Bells"  today in YouTube. Totally recommended as you can better understand why it is) that he often sings as an only memory and message from them. Raised by humans that lives in the outskirts of a village near his nest. After age five, when he dominated his form, he started living as a normal human boy, and after age twelve, he went on to the world as an exploring traveler. 

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