[Pkmn-Crater] Willow [Reference]

Posted Jan 25, 2023, 8:46:06 AM UTC


Trainer:  Tayler Rose

Species: Wail-O-Whisp

Name: Willow

Nickname/s: -

Gender: Female

Type(s): Ghost

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  • This Reference - +4 levels

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    • Is a little baby and will follow Tayler around closely. She will cry if she is too far away from Tayler.
    • Enjoys it when Tayler sings lullabies to her. 
    • She was one of the eggs where Black helped Tayler helped hatch, and unbenounced to him little Willow imprinted on him as well as Tayler so she will address him as 'Daddy'. But since Black doesn't understand the language of pokemon, he thinks it is a happy little cry. Though Tayler understands her pokemon so this catches her off everytime. It doesn't help that her Brumhaha Eris helps encourage Willow to continue calling Black as such.

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