Posted Jan 26, 2023, 10:41:40 PM UTC

Character Name: Nayrimsli

Character Age: 25

Character Species: Human

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Amber

Story: Nayrimsli was a desert dweller, living in a small village with his family. One quiet night when he was sat on his roof admiring the stars, he spotted a UFO crash-land in the desert, so he snuck out to go find the ship. He found it half buried beneath the sand and went inside to see what creature, if any, remained. He found nothing but what looked like science equipment. Not only that, but he accidentally brushed his hand over a sticky black substance on the edge of a vial, Nayrimsli went to rub the residue off his hand, but it had already been absorbed by his skin.

A week later, Nayrimsli had black cracked skin forming on parts of his body (primarily his chest and left arm (his dominant hand is left). The villagers thinking Nayrimsli had been replaced or puppeted by a demon (or u know just infected) cast him out of the village.

Months later Nayrimsli hunts for a cure for the infection, with his new-found friend Espoco (unharmed/resistant to the infection), whom he met begging for food near some cliffs while he was camped there.

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