Posted Feb 4, 2023, 2:33:27 AM UTC

Prompt #2 - Cracked

Minute cracks riddle the center of the orb. The source of the damage is unknown– is it sabotage or natural wear? You join the guardians seeking out answers and solutions. How was the orb damaged? Is it still at risk? How can it be repaired? You delve into research to find artifacts, spells, or other ways to repair or recreate the orb. Draw or write about your character repairing or figuring out how to repair the orb. Your piece must include your character with the orb, or your character seeking out a way to repair it.

Anev gently prods the orb with her fire magic to illuminate all the cracks. looking for the origin of the cracks. As she magically searches for a pattern she heals the smaller ones by pouring in her energy 

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  • Feb 4, 2023, 9:23:10 PM UTC
    The inside of the orb looks REAL nice, and I really like how you've drawn the slow repair of the orb! Always a huge fan of destructive powers being used for kinder and quiter things c:
    (Also, I LOVE her hair. That shading is SO nice)
    • Feb 5, 2023, 12:37:48 AM UTC
      Thank you so much! Yeah I really like the idea of destructive things used carefully.
  • Feb 4, 2023, 2:57:32 AM UTC
    Oh wow this is pretty <3 The flow of her hair feels very full and natural, and I love the translucent quality of the orb and her fire magic!
    • Feb 4, 2023, 3:44:10 AM UTC
      Thank you so much! I tried a new painting style and I'm glad it translated so well.



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