Fancy Meeting You Here

Posted Feb 24, 2023, 6:20:33 AM UTC

How could I be so dumb. Of course he could show up here, and at the guild. I left our world too, after all.


I’ve been able to dodge him so far… That truth or dare game, a few other times too, probably. I’ll just leave the guild through a back door. Yeah. 


I begin to pull my hood up but a hand on my shoulder stops me. I can feel someone's face getting closer.




I freeze, “how-?”


“One of your little friends told me. Why don’t you take a seat? The two of us should talk.”


As he speaks, my hand inches towards my dagger. His grip on my shoulder tightens.


“Hmm, I wouldn’t. Do that, if I were you. Pulling a knife out in a place like this?” He pouts. “They might never let you in again.”


I huff. My hand falls back to my side. 


“I- I can sit by myself.”


“Of course.” He stands up straight. He flourishes his hand with a smirk, as if to say ‘after you’. 

The way he’s standing… He’s blocking the way to the more active area of the guild. I glare at him but he just smiles. With a sigh I find a table in the corner and take a seat, arms crossed. He finds a seat across from me and picks at his nails. It’s quiet.






“So what do you want?”  It came out as a growl, his eyes narrow. 


“Straight to business, huh?”




“You won’t give me my tooth back, yeah yeah. I’m not looking to discuss that right now, anyways. We don’t have to discuss you slicing at my wrist, either.”

I look at him, puzzled.


“I was hoping… we could come to some sort of agreement. I don’t like you, and you don’t like me. But we don’t have to let that get in the way of our fun here.

Somehow… you’ve made friends. I’d like to make those, too.”

I raise an eyebrow. He sneers.

“I don’t want to be friends with you. Just… I won’t tell people you’re a thieving b-tch, and you… won’t tell people that I’m…” He snorts.

“Well, I’m sure you could come up with all sorts of creative things to say about me.”


“Let’s keep our names out of the other's mouth, let’s not run or duck around each other, drawing attention… let’s be civilized. We’re ‘coworkers’ now, after all.” 


“I don’t even know your name.”


“Guess that never came up…” 
“It’s Conall. I’ve seen people shake on it, greeting someone that is. But, I don’t want to.” 


He stands up, I follow suit. 

He looks at me, his expression blank.

“You seem keen on looking like some kind of hero. Not me. If you back out of what we discussed… I won’t hesitate to put you in your place. In front of your ‘friends’ if I have to. I know what I am.”


“Sooner or later what you are will catch up, too.”

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  • May 26, 2023, 3:04:23 PM UTC
    Oh man, makes my stomach twist a little reading this! She seems like she can hold her own, but the stress that Conall's putting her through just because he can't make friends to bully more pleasantly must be soooooo frustrating.

    You've got such an intense dynamic between these two characters and it's fascinating to see it play out!
    • Jul 3, 2023, 12:42:47 AM UTC
      Oh yeah U_U

      Eeeeee, I'm glad!!! As the story I have for the two play out... the dynamic should become increasingly twisty>:|)
  • Mar 3, 2023, 2:09:50 AM UTC
    Oh my goodness, the writing with this is so on POINT. Beautifully done, my friend. Never have I felt Conall's wickedness so much as here...
    • Mar 3, 2023, 2:21:14 AM UTC
      Thank you so much Mini Heart Glomp

      And I'm glad! But not for Freya, Conall's a bully Evil
  • Feb 28, 2023, 1:41:36 AM UTC
    idk how you do it man, but your expressions are so ON POINT?!

    every little crease and crinkle on their faces just *chefs kiss* you can see the subtle contempt, disgust, and fear so clearly! Worship
    The little written piece ties it together beautifully, my dude!Heart sorry for always getting mushy, you just never cease to amaze uwu
    • Feb 28, 2023, 2:08:29 AM UTC
      Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!! Dance Dance

      For noticing the little things, and your comments! Your words add happiness kindling to my heart!!
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