Suave VS Ghost-eye. OCL- round 2

Posted Mar 8, 2023, 12:06:48 AM UTC

Perhaps it was a cruel joke, or fate guided the hand of the triumverate judges to place the location of the second round within an abandoned city. A place ravaged by a zombie plague thirty years ago, now would become the place where the two competitiors would need to protect their own plushies while destroying the other person's. Ghost-eye had done this exact scenario hundreds of times before, hiding the children of his village perfectly from attackers to spare them from witnessing the slaughter. Never before had they been found, given that they followed his instructions of which location to stay at. This would be no different.
The words began from an announcer:
When the human's palm slammed against the floor, Ghost-eye blinked. Teleporting made him dizzy. He opened his eyes to see the carnage. Blood, blood everywhere. Viscera strewn about. Various forms of graffiti, though Ghost-eye attributed the spray-paint as "tribal territorial markings".  He sent two of his spirits to begin searching. Oedipus, the crying crier, would attempt to locate Ignacio, or any plushies.  Sylvan would make contact with any nearby threats. Attempt to distract them as the dead can usually see other deceased members. The most important job went to Phyrra. She would stay close by in case Ghost-eye required scorching a walking corpse.

Several hours passed, ghost eye found a suitable metallic cabinet. It stunk of dried blood, though the shambling legless body on the ground  would serve as a good guardian, given the zombie's spirit hopefully doesn't remember where ghost-eye left after that.  At a minimum, the locker couldn't be burned through, so huge swiping explosions from Suave wouldn't end the match if he decided to blow up the building. Ghost-eye lined the inner area of the locker with his lichen. That would act as cushioning if the metal was to be accidentally smashed with huge concrete debris. Neither Sylvan, nor Oedipus returned yet. This was good news. Ghost-eye derrived that Oedipus must have directly found Suave. The information war was won, though the speed of information of the locations would decide who wins... and the speed at which Ghost-eye manages to sneak over. Ghost-eye could hear Sylvan's phase through the wall.
  "I've got a collection of... guards' ready to deploy. 
"Excellent. We'll find you a proper body, that much sooner."
"I'd prefer a non-occupied corpse, if possible"
"Alright. After this is over, your wish will be granted"
He walked out of the old office building. He waited in the lobby... well ex-lobby. Two grey lockers were leaned over. A reddish corpse with it's jaw mismatched was on the ground. It made noises, noticing Ghost-eye, but didn't seem able to move out of the crushing weight of the locker. Another thirty minutes had passed. Fourty minutes. Fifty. The fourth hour of round two came to a close, as Ghost-eye came face to face with a returning Oedipus, the ghastly tears streaming from his eye-sockets.
"I-I f-found him. He's stashed the three soft things in separate areas of the city. One of them is in the sewers inside a wooden box, floating in a vast network of waterways... I couldn't tail it's exact location. The other two a-"
"That's enough. You can take a rest now. You did well enough for a reward."
"Th-thank you."
Ghost-eye, surprisingly enough had a similar plan to Suave's waterway box, though his involved  dissecting a zombie to only move forward and surrounding a plushie in a ball of lichen to tie it to the zombie's back, letting it wander away to the high walls that circle the city where it would likely be lost amongst the thousands of shambling dead that stayed there. He closed his eyelids for a moment, nodding in approval at this... "Suave" character. Though, Ghost-eye couldn't appreciate that thought for long as he still had a third plushie to hide. Noticing that the side of a building was upkept with a large vent, it reminded Ghost-eye of a hollow tree. Perhaps the alluminum, metallic area would work just as well. He raised his leg, chambering it for a proper kick into the center of the metal vent, bashing it in with several kicks until it had a hole big enough to comfortably slip in the plushie of himself. Whoever made it, managed to get details  that even Ghost-eye himself forgot about from time to time. Like the scar behind his left shoulder blade. He didn't feel it anymore, but he knew it existed from tribemates... well, ex-tribemates. After all, there was nobody but the three spirits to help him here.

Suave had arrived. Ghost-eye was down to destroy the final plushie needed to win, but didn't know if Suave had found his last two, yet. Ghost-eye could hear something under the ground begin to feast. Sloshing blood everywhere in the waterway and he saw it. The box with Suave's final plushie was trapped by the creature's disturbance of the water flow. Ghost-eye layed against the ground as he and Phyrra felt the slow trickle of heat travel up his esophagus until it spilt forth, forming a wave of lava that spewed over, inching closer to the box. The heat grew to be too much, the wood was on fire, but more importantly the soft, felt, chibi representation of Suave was aflame. The water was drying up, and the monstrous figure didn't pay heed to the burning sensation on it's claws. The heat overtook Suave's final plushie. Ghost eye blinked, he was back within the announcer's eyesight. Suave blinked a few seconds later, likely also experiencing the same space dilation. 

"Ghost-eye has won the round, with one plushie left!"
One left? No, that wasn't calculated to happen. At best he expetected to lose one, not lose two plushies. Ghost-eye's throat rumbled with laughter that he struggled to hold back. He bore his eyes into Suave's. Meeting their gazes together. They walked closer, shaking hands at the center of the stone-grid-floor of the colluseum arena.

"Congratulations, you have my attention. That's something I can't say for a lot of other people here."
Ghost-eye didn't hear Suave's response, but he walked away, going down the stone steps that led to here. It was time to rest... and to find rewards for Sylvan, Oedipus, and Phyrra. Perhaps visiting that doctor would be in order, as well.

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  • Mar 18, 2023, 3:46:35 PM UTC
    The comparisons to a zombie city and the nature of his old tribe is a surprising but very deserved one! I feel sorry for Ghost-Eye comparing hiding these plushies in this city to hiding the children of his tribe in a mighty war - holy shit!You can tell that his knowledge and experiences show that he knows exactly what he's doing, and the roles of the various spiritsis always a delight to see! Bless them!

    It astounds me that you have the motivation for a proper comic - there's so much going on, I'm impressed! The perspective shots and the detailings in the city itself is SO good!
    Always a delight to see your work <3
    • Mar 20, 2023, 12:56:02 AM UTC
      Thanks! Big Smile

      Frankly I got inspired by the tons of Manghwa that I read to do a format more like this one to implement the(100% correct) criticisms of the last comic to make this one way more readable.

      Doing it this way also let me put in more general details that I like to kinda keep half-open and half-references(such as the "Don't dead |open inside" meme) Vs. stuff that people probably would do such as the "Alive" with an arrow pointing to a mountain, implying that someone made a trip *BACK* into the city after making a stable group for the sake of collecting people to save.

      I always liked tiny inferred stories like that and so planting those "story seeds" always feels fun!

      And likewise, I always like seeing your beautiful artistry too Big Smile
  • Mar 15, 2023, 11:01:20 PM UTC
    Oh wow, you went all-out, with both the comic and the write-up! Really enjoy your lay-out of how it all went down, with both characters taking advantage of the unusual environment - particularly enjoyed Ghost-Eye hiding one of his plushies inside a zombie so it could wander off with it. XD
    I do enjoy the contrast of environments we both went for in our pieces. You went extremely urban whilst I went heavy on nature. Despite this, I think we both imagined our characters taking on similar approaches. Is cool to see!
    • Mar 16, 2023, 11:36:19 AM UTC
      Yeah! I'm glad that I was able to do Suave justice! This was a really awesome project to work with you on and I hope we can collab in the future!

      or just bongo and chill or whatever, lol.