Kaz (Character Creation)

Posted Mar 15, 2023, 4:34:57 AM UTC

Character Name: kaz'adawak haven
How old is your character? 29
What species is your character? villetzal (original species, owned by me)
What is your character's hair color? black/purple (ombre)
What is your character's eye color? yellow


kaz grew up quietly with his mom in a small forest town. he learned at an early age how to help support a household, and ended up well-rounded when it came to manual labor. unfortunately, he also needed to learn how to identify threats and protect himself from people with criminal intentions. because of his diverse skills, he became the one people went to when they needed help with anything, and he carried the burden of always putting others first for many years.

things start to change when he's approached by someone who offers to train him in magic and weaponry; it takes some convincing, but he accepts the offer.

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