Erika Fledgling Fullbody & basic outfit

Posted Mar 18, 2023, 11:07:08 PM UTC

A fullbody portrait showing Erika and her most common outfit.

The golden bracer, collar and belt are indeed metal but not gold, they seem to be an alliage based on copper. They are all fairly light and connected to the collar wich is the main piece. The bracer are placed above each main articulation and allow movement by getting closer or farther from the collar. 

The bracer are not essential to her movement but they do facilitate it. As such she may appear without them.

This outfit is actually composed of a pale blue dress, covered by a brown coat itself covered by a small cape in the same color as the dress. The bracer fasten themself to her so the one controling her arms are shown, but not the one controling her legs as they are hidden by the dress. The tail of the coat is in the shape of moth wings, precisely the same moth present on her cape.

Keen eyed traveller may note that the object keeping her hair tied look fairly similar to the bracer and wonder why one would need to move their hair. One does not need to move their hair, but the movement needed to tie up hair is a bit too precise for her abilities for now, as such she use generate an additional bracer in order to keep her hair tied.

The belt is purely decorative but a corset is present underneath the dress to keep her body upright. 

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