Pid (Cupid)

Posted Mar 19, 2023, 12:24:10 AM UTC

Name: Cupid (Goes by Pid)
Age: Ageless but over 18
Species: Fox Based Anthro
Hair(Fur) Color: Variety of purples
Eye Color: Red with heart shaped pupils


Pid is a worker for the overseer of love, Valentine. While he was once a mortal soul Valentine chose him to become one of his many cupids. While he enjoyed the job at first he learned that no one would be able to fall in love with him. A cupid's arrow makes people fall in love but a cupid's real face will break that love, which is why all cupids must wear masks. Pid started to become upset with this, and desperately tried to get mortals to fall in love with him with love arrows but to no avail. He became spiteful of all the people who could fall in love and live so happily, so he started to pair people up in bad relationships, refusing to step in and break their love because he was angry. 


He's a snappy person and doesn't enjoy doing hard work. Pid talks in a very monotone voice unless he's being snarky. He does enjoy small gifts and gestures, and will oftentimes become very attached to someone if they show him any sort of affection.

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