Posted Mar 26, 2023, 1:59:44 AM UTC

#57 Draw or write your character as a card. Are they more of a regular card from a playing deck? How about a tarot card? What makes them that card?



Honestly, I had this idea but hit a bad burnout for a hot minute, so I'm really glad I got to tackle this before the time was up. 

As a Hellenic Chthonic witch whose original interest had been tarot and various divination since, this was exciting. I've always wanted to make my own card set but that is such an undertaking. ^^;; 


20 Judgement; Rebirth. Renewal. Awakening of the dead. Rejuvenation.Result. Judgment. Sentence. Resurrection. Call to new life - often from the ashes of the old. Rehabilitation. Creation. Promotion.

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