[OC ANIMATIC] Your Father's Son

Posted Jun 5, 2023, 5:36:08 PM UTC

Check out the full animatic on Youtube/Tumblr! Please check the content warnings in the description.

Animatic I've spent the last ten weeks doing,, and finished just in time for finals

Tel's an ARPG/RPG character that has had my braincells for the past bit,,,, they're so, so spoiled(art wise, not backstory wise)


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For those that have no idea who's who: 
Person with the purple/gold eyes is Tel(any pronouns)! Currently they're working as a mildly sketchy smuggler, but they used to be part of a somewhat influential shipping family, being raised to fill the role of family head. To say he didn't want to do that would be an understatement, and it created a lot of tension with his parent.(round glasses) 

Eventually things came to a head, Tel having also gotten involved in some less-than-upstanding people over time, and she got kicked out & disowned. They spent some time scraping by, and eventually got "recruited" to join a minor smuggling ring. However, though, he did start to get along with the people there, and eventually began to respect them and stay out of choice rather than coercion. It wasn't the most legal work, sure, but they got to beat people up, and he had started to like the people he worked with. 

And then they died :) and came back wrong! 

It was an attack by a rival group, and nobody from their side survived. Tel's body got grabbed by a local necromancer, who decided to mess around when bringing them back :) Tel eventually escaped, and decided to make the people that did this pay. She did, to some extent, though the last few people are even now evading her. In the process, she got recruited by a larger smuggling group, and accepted. He needed a day job(and some protection) after all.


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