Funny Meeting You Again

Posted Sep 23, 2023, 9:41:33 PM UTC

Prompt #82 CHildhood Friend:

This piece goes back a few years to when Eiju met one of his closest friends, Andras! It was during the period where Eiju was still training for his position as Agent (his early teens!) when these two unlikely friends met. Eiju was initially annoyed by Andras' mischeif and flirtatious behavior, but after years of being agents together, he sees him as someone he can rely on in a real situation. The picture above is Andras making an inside joke between him and Eiju about how they first met (which was Andras "natruo running" during training and eating it in front of Eiju; causing Eiju to stop and help him up, catching Andras' eye and causing him to be interested in Eiju). 

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