Posted Sep 25, 2023, 3:16:46 AM UTC

This piece is important to me, both as a return to a fandom that is written on my bones but that I've been less active in over time, and because of the personal significance of Frodo.

Frodo's character has become more important to me as an icon of endurance as I have gone through some very difficult times with my own mental health. He has the power of the Ring eating at his mind for years, and yet he still goes to destroy it to protect the world he loves. And even though it does break him, in the end he's not "strong enough" to power through, he's still known to be the hero of the quest.

That was sort of the line I was trying to portray here. The Eye and the burden of the Ring burned through the good times in his mind until he had to sail away. But there is still hope for him, and for me. Not just in the sailing but that the elanor-flowers, the little things of joy, can sometimes shine as bright as any burden can. Can be as *real* as the Ring's power.

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