Posted Nov 4, 2023, 5:42:09 PM UTC

#1 The Starfields

Show your character exploring a star-speckled plain of water. Your piece must include your character and a large, shallow body of water that reflects the sky.



On the horizon, a planet passed another of its kind. In its wake, it dragged the light of a distant, dying star. From that light, the universe molded a figure.


It was like a sick joke - but there was nothing he could do to intervene. Kyy watched as the light built a creature, made of iron and bone with barbs of copper. A shimmer danced on its darkening fur, skipping around the whole animal like an excited child.


The thing stepped forward - out of the light into the state between dim and bright. Kyy scanned the dog, his expression radiating frustration.


Still, there was something else under that annoyance. Curiosity screamed in his chest, demanding to be set free. This one was different from the other dog that followed him closer than a shadow. It was a lot more robust than Palo, its skull almost sporting a roman nose. The demeanor its body language spoke of was nowhere near as hostile and explosive. It seemed more of a gentle giant, than a smoldering pyre.


The most striking difference, however, was its coat. Where Palo was fully black with a small white star on its chest, this one didn't exactly fit under the label of a black dog. It was like a patchwork of two opposites. Black and white. Light and dark.


Repose and revenge.


Kyy reached out his hand, and the creature answered. It pressed its bony forehead against his palm. The huff that followed the gesture was something he couldn't understand or explain. As though it had a handful of stardust, from galaxies light years away.


Like the solace he had always sought, but never found.


He named the bicolored dog Kajo. For the glimmer in the dark void. For the shimmer that had painted its coat with its dancing shoes. The sun it raised by only being present.


 But a sun that rose, always had a moon to lay it to rest.


Like blind mice trailed a twisted piper, the light of one bounced back from the surface of another, like rising from a dark stream.



aamunkoi, aamunkajo; dawn, sunrise

kajo; gleam, shimmer

aamu; morning

koi; dawn (archaic), moth

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  • Nov 18, 2023, 2:24:10 AM UTC
    That's so amazing whaat ;o; The atmosphere is really stunning and that lighting is yummy :O Oh and the characters's designs are so cool-looking!
  • Nov 10, 2023, 4:47:37 AM UTC
    This is such good artwork! The lighting is impressive and I love the way you drew the setting.