Jenna Orsin

Posted Nov 11, 2023, 6:59:07 AM UTC

This is my Helluva Boss oc.

Her name is Jenna Orsin, she is 16, a human, and a summoner. Not to long ago, twin her brother, Jonnas, commited suicide and she blames her parents and her older brother, Alan, for it because they always comparing Jonnas to him, how Alan was always better at everything and just how perfect he is and how he is the favorite. Since then Jenna has been studying the dark arts and riturals. One night on a full moon, Jenna was working on a summoning spell and when she acomplished it, she some how called upon I.M.P. Blitz, of course, was a bit aggrivated by as he realized that Jenna is a summoner and he just find them a bit a nuacance. After putting their differences aside, Jenna request Blitz, Millie, and Moxxie to do a task for her, and that is to kill her parents and Alan for leading Jonnas to suicide.

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