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questions (colored)

Posted Aug 30, 2006, 5:36:49 PM
OH!!!!! MAN HOW I HATE SCANERS  THE FIRE IN THE PANTS NOT  DISTINGUISED OH!!!!!!!! I HATEEEEEEE SCANERS!!!!!!!!  well.... jum...... i just draw it because i was boring.... and ..... i don´t  know  why i was thinking in a demon like him  but when i finally colored it ..... well....  I JUST LIKE IT..... jaja  i love the colored but that scaner..... that thing....... that MONSTERRR!!!!!! make my draw   well you know because how this look well i do my best but that monster win this time  well i hope that you liket just a litlle   well i only hope when i finish the other draw that monster wont do that again  ah!!! and one more thing i have called him SHADOW!!! i think that is a godd name to a demon like him   

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  • Aug 30, 2006
    HugI know!!!!Scanners totally suck!!!!!!!!!Yes:yes:Mad:mad::mad:You poor thing!InnocentStill,I like it!You did good job on shading!And I love his attidute!:yes:EvilI looove demons!:yes::hug::hug:Good job my friend!:yes::hug::hug: