So thats where babys come from

Posted Dec 7, 2006, 1:51:22 PM UTC
xD Drawn simply because my lovely Leo asked me to. And for halloween.

This, like Isiilo, was drawn by hand on MSPaint. Because I don't have a life. ;-; I'm pathetic, no?

It took me about 5 1/2hrs total, considering I was watching two crazy kids that were not listening, a mother who kept getting them to do the exact oppisite of what I say, a phone that would not stop ringing, trying to talk to Leo and my friend Erin while attempting not to pass out from the fumes of my brothers clothing. x_X

Anyways, that -IS- Sephiroth in a pumpkin..

The hair was all thanks to Leo's "FF7 Crossdressing" picture. ^_^ I simply love Yazoo's hair in that picture.

Well, hope you all like!

Base (c) No base
Sephiroth (c) I have no clue oo;
Pumpkin (c) Me!
Hair Idea (c)
Me (c)

~*`~*`~*`~*`~*`~*`~*`~*`HAPPY HALLOWEEN`*~`*~`*~`*~`*~`*~`*~`*~

(( Crossdressing picture: ))

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