My Neighbor Totoro

Posted May 18, 2005, 8:38:28 PM

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  • Jul 26, 2007
    All hail the great and awesome Miyazaki!
  • Jan 10, 2007
    I've seen "My Neighbor Totoro", and I must say that this is simply incredible. Very, very good job! How in the world did you do this with colored pencils...?
    • Feb 10, 2007
      Thank you so much! Big Smile I used prismacolored pencils and they blend a lot better than regular colored pencils, so it makes everything smoother. The only thing I drew is the forground though, the background is a picture of clouds I got out of a home and gardens magazine. thanks again! Smile
      • Feb 18, 2007
        sorry for taking so long to re-reply... Been away. As you were saying, the blending of the Prismacolor pencils definitely shows well! Aren't those the ones that come in a black box, and cost an arm and a leg? I swear I've seen 'em somewhere... Oh well. As for the clouds, they fit the mood perfectly. You have a true nack for art, and please keep focusing on it. You have potential for it to take you a long way.
  • Apr 8, 2006
    I LOVED THAT MOVIE!!!! (and still do Wink Isn't that the part of the movie where they need to go to the hospital to see their mom and the bus'll take em? and she hugs it and says thank you?
  • Sep 28, 2005
    Grate likeness nicely done, yes it is a grate show
  • Sep 27, 2005
    I wanted to say for a long time how much I love this pic. Everything just goes so wonderfully with the BG.There's alot of fun in it, I haven't seen the film but judging by your drawing I'm sure I would enjoy it. Bounce I just love those girls and the catbus! Gotta Favorite
  • Aug 1, 2005
    I just recently watched that movie again with my little brother... and got a Totoro plushie from the Japan Exhibit at Disneyworld Sweat Drop I remember that scene though! wonderful movie...
  • Jun 1, 2005
    This is absolutley stunning! You have such a talent for drawing these visually compelling pictures. I'm 19 too, and I can imagine you must have worked hard on developing your art skills before this to be so incredibly good now.
    Can't wait to see more! ^_^
    • Jun 5, 2005
      Awww...thank you so much Stealth Nerd!! I just try to draw as often as I can and do my best to improve (I only started drawing again about a couple months ago after not drawing for like a year because I was so busy with school and other stuff...ugh Annoyed ) You are incredibly talented as well...I love all of your drawings Smile
      • Jun 5, 2005
        Thank you, that's really sweet!
        That's awesome that you just started drawing again; you've obviously retained the skills/talent! Smile
  • May 21, 2005
    It is the first time that I saw a fanart from "My Neighbor Totoro", I would love to see that film! I really like your drawing, the way you colored it!
  • May 20, 2005
    I loved that film. *Sniff* It was nice to watch something more 'real' in an Anime. This piece must have taken forever, I really am impressed with the colouring. Whenever I colour with Pencil Crayons I can never seem to get any good effects...the colour never flows. I have heard of better brand pencil crayons but they're too pricey for me and with living in the UK I couldn't buy them anyways.Sad

    But well done for creating this.Big Smile Keep up the fantastic work!


    • May 20, 2005
      Thank you! Yes, it did take me awhile though I don't rememeber exactly how long.

      I use prismacolor pencils (it totally makes a difference)...and you are right, they are expensive if you don't buy them from the right place. I would suggest going on ebay and brousing around there. I bought a set of 72 brand new, never opened prismacolor pencils off of ebay for 18 bucks + 7 in shipping! I know you are in the UK, but you still might find a good deal. So just go to ebay and check it out and wait for the right oppourtunity, its worth it! Smile
  • May 18, 2005
    Awesome pic! You truly have a knack for this. I like to color with colored pencil sometimes too. The BG on my Inuyasha collage was done with watercolor colored pencils. I prefer to use CP when I'm coloring flesh. I still have yet to find the perfect flesh colored markers.
    • May 19, 2005
      Thank you so much! Smile You are so right. Every once in awhile I will color something with markers. then I remember WHY it is I never use them in the first place when I use the flesh colored one for the skin. Oh, it comes out horrible! Oh No! So, this is why I tend to stick with CPs. One day when I invest in some higher quality (maybe prismacolor) markers will I try the marker thing again. Maybe I'll start trying what you do and use markers for everything but the flesh. Corky Smile
      • May 20, 2005
        That's a good idea. I'd love to be a trend-setter. *winks* Copic markers are the BEST, but they are so dang expensive. I can't remember the name of the set I have. They're the next to the most expensive copics, but not popular enough for me to remember the name of them. Heh, heh. But, the color flows from them so beautifully. I love them.
        • May 20, 2005
          Copics! Thats what it was. I was trying to remember what they were called. One day I'm going to get me some of those! Then I can toss out my evil cheepie ones Muhahaha Evil
          • May 21, 2005
            Hey, sometimes the cheapies work just as good. If not better. The flesh on all of my pics is colored with Crayola colored pencils. I haven't found any other brand yet that has any decent flesh colors besides crayola.
            • May 21, 2005
              Prismacolor pencils work great for me...they are softer and much easier to blend than crayola have to find them at the right price though, because full retail price is just not do-able : | try e-bay!

              I was talking about my markers rather then my pencils though...I still keep all my crayola pencils and all my other pencils because I do use them if I can't find the right color. Heck I'll probably end up keeping my old markers as well, alot of the colors are nice, just NOT the flesh color (yikes) Smile
              • May 22, 2005
                I hear that about the flesh-colored markers. I tried coloring with one out of my $25 set that I'm using now, and it sucked! It totally screwed up my picture! All that work I did, right down the drain. *sighs* I love the way you use the colors in your pencils. You do a great job with the color schemes. I'll have to look into finding my own set of Prismacolors. They are vibrant. I love vibrant colors. Thanks for the tip.
  • May 18, 2005
    TOTORO! I love Totoro, especially the catbus!! Bounce Awesome pic. Satsuki's feet look a little too cartoony though. Feet are hard to draw. Doh
    • May 19, 2005
      Thankyou very much! I LOVE the catbus...its an awesome character. The feet DO look funky... I spent alot of time erasing and re-drawing them but alas, I was beaten. Cry Feet are definatly hard to draw! Annoyed

      By the way, I like the new smiley feature in the critiques! Bounce




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