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Jun 2, 2020, 12:49:13 PM UTC
What a lovely test! The one Constructive Critique I'd say is to play around with different line thicknesses. Like on her dress and neck. They are a bit thick and drew the eye alot. If you use thinner lines you can add a lot more detail without it becoming too cluttered. Like centre lines down the main feathers and more crinkle lines on the dress.

The colours are lovely! The block colouring works well with the bold nature of the drawing! and I especially like the reddish-brown on the bottom of her dress. Looks like real natural dyes where used on her dress! <3

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[Art] Testing Testing!
Jun 2, 2020, 2:22:38 PM UTC on [Art] Testing Testing!
Oh wow, thank you so much!
Will definitely work on that.


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