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Sell back to bank

  • 1 for 1000 Baubles

Basilisk - Piebald

Companions & Familiars


  • 1 for 300 Pumpkin Points
Unlimited quantity available

The Basilisk can reach lengths of 20-30 ft., and is a solitary hunter. They are most often found hiding in deep mountain caves, spending most of their time in a dormant state. They are most active in Spring months, when larger prey is plentiful, and despite their intimidating size and appearance, are otherwise shy and non-confrontational creatures. Surprisingly, they make excellent hunting companions, so long as an owner is able to provide a large enough underground space where the Basilisk can spend most of the year.

Stryx companion. Can be removed and returned to inventory.

  • A higher chance to find Prime Meat
  • A chance to find extra meat when hunting

Bauble Price: N/A

Bauble Resell Value: 1000

Token Price: N/A

Token Resell Value: N/A

Great Harvest Exclusive

Art by Atrocias


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  • Added on Apr 2, 2021
  • ✅ Can be purchased
  • ✅ Can be sold back to bank
  • ✅ Can be traded
  • ✅ Player can de-equip from approved character

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