E - Sluggies [Spring]

Companions & Familiars

Art by Capteinarpg

These adorable little slugs are extra soft and cuddly. They are extremely charismatic and love to make friends with everyone.
Who wouldn't want one of these adorable sluggies to snuggle up in bed with?

- Stats (Cha): Increases Charisma by +2
- Stats (Lk): Increases Luck by +2
- SP (+2): Provides an additional +2SP bonus when drawn with the dragon owner.

Obtained: April 2021 Monthly Challenge

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Unlimited quantity available


  • 1 for 2 Painted Eggs


  • Id: 1343
  • Added on Jan 8, 2022
  • ✅ Can be purchased
  • ✅ Can be traded