Ability Points, Ranks, and XP

Ability Points

As you complete more challenges, the ability points (AP) for your character increase. In the future, you'll be able to use these points to purchase abilities which will unlock more parts of the game, grant your character more Abilities, and increase your attack power in Battles.

Whenever you complete a challenge and submit it to a queue, you'll be asked to select your character in the form. When you do so, input the AP you expect to earn from that challenge in the Points box of the character widget.

The total accumulated AP determines your rank. See below

Amount of AP earned

For battles

  • Your character earns 5-7 AP. See the Battles page for details.

For portals, quests, and campaigns

  • Your character earns 7 AP (ability points). These are more finished and challenging pieces and thus earn more AP.

For non-challenge creations


Rank will impact activity success rate and add boosts to Character stats.

Pawn (or Mortal) Rank 1

  • 0 AP

Adventurer Rank 2

  • 21 AP
  • Must have completed the Apprenticeship challenges before reaching this rank.
  • Increase stats by 2
  • Adventurer rank is required to participate in Battles.

If you've completed all requirements, file a rank up request to rank up.

Challenger Rank 3

  • 70 AP
  • Increase base stats by 3 more

If you've completed all requirements, file a rank up request to rank up.

Hero Rank 4

  • 150 AP
  • Increase base stats by 4 more

If you've completed all requirements, file a rank up request to rank up.


PaperDemon helps artists to become more awesome through various gamification features that make improving as an artist more fun. This is to encourage artists to create more and be more active members of the community.

When you gain enough XP, your account will level up. Once you level up, you'll earn 10 Spirit Points. These points can be used to purchase Mystery Boxes.


Members gain XP (experience points) for

  • posting art comments.
  • posting art or writing for a PaperDemon Art RPG challenge.
  • posting in the forums


XP is attached to your account, not to your character. 


Action XP earned Limit
New Character Art RPG challenge 30  
Talisman Art RPG challenge 50  
Latent Element Art RPG challenge 80  
Portal Art RPG challenge 80  
Quest Art RPG challenge 80  
Campaign Art RPG challenge 80  
Battle Art 50 1 per 24 hours
Commenting on art 5 10 comments per 24 hours
Commenting in forums 5 25 posts per 24 hours