Battle Guide

Battles are a fun way to pit your characters against a wild variety of denizens of the Paperverse while gaining loot and teaming up with other players.

How battles work

Battles are a collaborative effort of the community to work together to fight against a common enemy, a boss. Battles are conducted through a special form in the forums and are processed by a bot to calculate your attack damage and the boss's counter attack damage. Each attack requires that you create art or write a story following the given prompts. The prompts are different for each battle.


Gold is always a reward for participating. Your gold reward will be based on how much you participate in the battle--the more attacks you make, the more gold you'll receive! Some battles have extra rewards in certain circumstances, like landing the finishing blow.

You'll earn XP for each drawing/writing you submit. You can collect your XP in The Inn after submitting.

Your character and other characters you draw will also earn AP. See below.

Each battle has a chance for unique rewards. Check the battle announcement in the battles section for details.


AP Reward amounts

  • For written submissions, you can redeem 5 AP.

  • For artwork, you can redeem 5 AP for sketches and 7 AP for full color works.

If your submission is a duocast, both characters must be present in the art or writing. They BOTH get to redeem the AP. Both characters AP will be added during the same request. However, only the player who submits the attack will receive item rewards and XP.

How to participate

Battles are a special event that occur roughly every three months and last over the period of 2-3 weeks. Join the mailing list to get notified when new battles start.

Preparing for Battle


  • Your character must be registered and be at least rank 2 to participate in battles. See the Ranking up guide for more information.

  • Your character must have at least 1 HP. Once your character runs out of HP, your character is temporarily out of the fight and can't submit any attacks until you are healed. You can find your character's HP on your character sheet. All characters begin with 100 HP when created. HP does not replenish automatically between battles.

  • You must equip a Battle Token to your character. You will need one per battle. You do NOT need to re-equip one if your character reaches 0 HP.

Optional preparations

You may want to purchase or craft weapons, armor, and other offensive and defensive items. See the Items section below for more details.

The Battle begins!

  1. A battle opens and is announced on our blog with details on how to participate. It will include a list of drawing/writing prompts.

  2. Create a sketch or finished artwork from one of the prompts provided. Uploaded your submission and tag it with your character's ID tag

  3. The battle announcement will include a link to the battle forum thread. Fill out the battle form at the top of that page.

    • Choose the art/writing work you just uploaded.

    • Choose your character. You may pick any available attack-- be it elemental or weapon based. By default if you don't pick another character, your main elemental attack is used. If you choose a second character, it will duocast with them.

    • If you want to duocast with another character, get permission from the owner of that character first before duocasting.

  4. Click Attack!! at the bottom of the form and you should see the BattleMasterBot respond with your attack. Your artwork/writing will automatically be added to the submissions queue for AP counting and reward processing.

Boss Screenshot
Boss fight example showing the boss and it's current HP
Battle response screenshot
Example response the BattleMasterBot will make after you do an attack. The response will also show your attached artwork below it.


You may pair up with other player's characters to Duocast. Duocasting grants you access to special secondary elements and stronger attacks.

  • You may only duocast with another player's character and you must get that player's permission to duocast. You may not duocast with two of your own characters.

  • Both characters must feature in the duocast art/writing submission.

  • The hosting character must have a Battle Token equipped. The secondary character does not.


Different elements will be stronger or weaker against other elements. Keep an eye out for the elemental alignment of your enemy-- it will affect how effective your attacks are in battle!

Check out the Elements chart for information on what duocast combinations create which secondary elements. Some items may give you an elemental advantage in battle, read on to find out how!


You may use items to enhance your character's defense or even temporarily change their element. Consumable items such as Kitemail and your Battle Token will be used up if used in battle.

Here are some particularly useful items you may want to consider acquiring and using.

Heavy Chestplate - Sky
Armor may be equipped to raise your character's defense.
Not quite ready to commit to the crafting requirements of permanent armor? Check out Kitemail for a short-term fix!
Sky weapon
Weapons may be equipped to change your character's element for an attack.
The Mop
Consumable items such as the Mop may give you advantages in battle, but are not permanent and are used up in battle.
Mirror Shield
In boss battles, the Mirror Shield will protect you from 25% of the attack from the boss and projects that damage back at your opponent.
Hiding Potion
The Potion of Minor Hiding and Major Hiding help you dodge boss attack damage.

Find additional items and crafting ingredients in the item shop. See Crafting Recipes for a full list of items you can craft.


If you run low on HP, you can use a healing item to replenish HP.

  1. Purchase a healing item from the Item Shop.

  2. Put in a request in the healing thread.

  3. Please wait a few days for your request to be processed. These are currently processed by an admin but later we'll have a system where you can self-serve use a healing item instantly.

Available healing items include...

Healing potion
Unicorn Earwax
Narwhal Sushi
Narwhal Sushi
Blazing Burrito
Blazing Burrito

Other notes

We've had requests to allow players to pit their characters against other characters. We aren't able to support this yet but we will consider it in the future.

Page edits

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