Is your character a werewolf? Do they shift between their regular form and a bird? Do they have magical powers that allow them to cycle through several different forms at will? Then this is the guide for you!


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With a little bit of help from a Mask of Many Faces, you can officially add multiple forms for your character.

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How to add Shapeshifting ability to your character

  1. After you have completed the Create Your Character challenge, purchase a Mask of Many Faces and equip it to your character. You can do this by viewing the character sheet.

  2. Make a new piece of art or writing that depicts all of your character’s alternate forms. 

    1. Each form must all meet the same requirements as the create your character challenge.

    2. All new forms must be in one piece of art or writing. 

    3. You do not have to include the original form of your character that you submitted for the create your character challenge.

  3. Submit your artwork to the Shapeshifting queue at the bottom of this page.


One of our admins will review the alternate forms to make sure they meet the requirements and then add the alternate forms to your character’s sheet. The artwork that you originally submitted for the character in the create your character will remain the main artwork for your character’s sheet.


After your character’s sheet has been officially updated, you may use any of the alternate forms in your future challenge submissions for that character.


Rules and Guidelines for Shapeshifters

  • You may only add a maximum of four alternate forms when submitting your shapeshifting request.

    • You may not submit a second shapeshifting request for the same character to add more than four forms. 

  • If you would like to redesign the alternate forms, you will need to acquire a Makeover Kit or Evolution Kit as necessary. You will only need one no matter how many of the alternate forms you are redesigning.

  • You may not redesign the original form you submitted for the create your character challenge with a Mask of Many Faces. If you would like to redesign the original form, you must use a Makeover Kit or Evolution Kit and use the Redesign queue

  • While it is not required, we recommend that you keep some common characteristics between the alternate forms to keep your character easily identifiable. This can include hair/fur color, accessories, scars, etc.

  • Not sure what all the forms are for your character at first? Want to add more forms later? That's ok. When you want to add a new form, you may resubmit the form below with an updated image. If you do this, please submit all forms on one updated image and make a note in the form that you are doing an update.


Guide written by Shyftlock