Submitting Art for ARPG Activities

This guide hopes to clarify rules around artwork submissions.

Each challenge will specify the level of completeness the artwork needs to have in order to earn rewards but here are general guidelines that must be followed.

Create the artwork yourself

You must create artwork for Art RPG events yourself.

Pre-made 3d generated models, doll sites like Hero Forge, photo manipulations, or Artificial Intelligence generated images are not allowed.

We do not allow using bases for PDARPG artwork unless it's one we've released or whitelisted.

Commissions and art trades are allowed but require a different process and the rewards work differently. See Who gets the reward for details.

To register your character with a commissioned artwork, use the register with offsite art queue instead.

If your submissions are created in 3d, you must create the model yourself and create the backgrounds yourself. You must also pose the character differently for each entry.

Create a unique artwork for each challenge.

You can't reuse the same drawing as a base. You can't reuse the same artwork for multiple challenges. You must draw a unique pose for each piece and not use your character like a doll or base.

Characters must be readable

The features of the character must be visible. Most challenges require at least half upper body of the character be visible and legible in order to earn rewards. You can't depict the characters in a way in which you can't tell which character it is or to avoid spending time to do details, such as by silhouetting the character. It's ok to do a silhouette but there must be detail in it such that the character is distinguishable and time and effort is demonstrated.


You are permitted to use an adopt as long as

  • you legally obtained the adoptable
  • you aren't violating the terms of the adoption
  • you either
  • You must still create unique works of art per rules above and can't copy/paste the adoptable for your entries.

Color requirements

Most challenges require "full color". However, gray scale can be used as a substitute for full color if you want. It requires different shades of gray be depicted in the piece in order to count. You can't simply submit line art or line art on a solid gray background. There must be different shades of grey in the piece to demonstrate different values of light and dark.