Changes to Armor Crafting

  • We're no longer accepting light armor crafting requests.
  • You may now upgrade existing armor by paying the difference in materials
When we initially designed armor crafting, we didn't realize just how many items and how much complexity it would introduce for players and our admins who process crafting requests. The combination of 3 armor pieces, 3 armor classes, and 4 elements has created 36 different items in our compendium. (not to mention the various aster colors you can craft with)
In addition, we've done an analysis and very few people have actually crafted light armor. Most people will save up their aster for medium or heavy armor instead. 
For these reasons, we decided we are sunsetting the light armor set. For now, the armor will still work. We don't know exactly when it will be removed from the game. We strongly recommend you upgrade your armor to medium or heavy armor when you get a chance.
And good news, you can now upgrade any light or medium armor without creating new art by paying the difference in materials. The aster color, element, and piece of armor must match.
For example,
✅ Red Sky Light Helmet --> Red Sky Heavy Helmet is ok
🚫 Red Sky Light Helment --> Orange Fire Heavy Chestplate is not ok