Crystal Wyrm - Lyra Battle Challenge

Starting HP: 50,000

Element: Aurora

 The Crystal Wyrm has been vanquished!

With a final roar of fury, the Wyrm succumbs to the combined power of those who arrived to stop its rampage.


The Wyrm's trail of destruction is long and terrible. While it will take time for the nearby towns to recover, the foundations of their homes and communities stand firm. Thanks to the daring efforts of the adventurers who heeded the call for help, Lyra has a chance to take a breath and rest before they begin the hard work of rebuilding.


The Battle has ended.

Herds of Volai have been spotted streaming down from the Starsong Mountains like a waterfall. Deep rumblings echo from within the mountain range, thunder among the sweeping waves of the terra borealis. The foundations of the homes scattered at the base of the mountains crack, windows shattering with the vibrations.

Then, three days after it all started, everything goes quiet.

Not a single bird whistles in the trees.

From the depths of the earth, from the heart of the mountains, an explosion of crystals jets from the highest peak. A long, sinuous, wingless form leaps into the air, crystals streaming from its scales as it flies, casting rainbows from the clouds and seething auroras from its maw.

The crystal wyrm floats motionless in the sky for a long, long moment. Then the mountains rumble again, and the wyrm dives to the ground like lightning, destroying everything in its path.

 Join The Battle!

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Get Equipped

See the Battle Guide for prerequisite information on participating in Boss Fights.

Ready, Set, Fight!

Your character must be rank 2 to participate. New to our Art RPG? Register your character here.

For art based attacks…

  • Choose one of the prompts below and upload your artwork to and copy and paste the prompt you chose into the description of the artwork.

  • The artwork must fulfill the prompt and be at minimum a black and white sketch that includes about half of your character’s body.

  • Submit your attack

For writing based attacks…

  • Choose one of the prompts below and upload your writing work to and copy/paste the prompt you chose into the description of the piece.

  • Make sure to copy/paste your writing piece in its entirety into the Chapter body.

  • The writing piece must be a minimum of 150 words.

  • Submit your attack

Attack cooldown: 20 hours

If you need help, read the Battle Guide for more details, or join our Discord to ask questions.


  1. Draw or write about your character fighting the boss!

  2. Draw or write about your character trying to stop the boss without fighting it. Do they tie it down with ropes? Do they change the landscape of the Starsong Mountains to sing it to sleep?

  3. Draw or write about your character taming the wyrm. Do they offer it food? Can they calm it down enough to ride on its back?

  4. Draw or write about your character building a construct large enough to fight the wyrm one on one. Do they build it from local crystals? Do they have their own mech? Do they summon up enough magic to create a magical challenger?

  5. Draw or write about your character taking shelter in the crystalline caverns the wyrm came from.

  6. A herd of Volai is caught in the crossfire! draw or write about your character protecting the Volai from the wyrm.

  7. Your character’s weapon breaks! They must construct a makeshift weapon from what they have around them– crystals! Draw or write about your character and the crystal weapon they build themselves in the heat of the battle.

  8. The crystal dust that blankets Lyra gives the planet a year-round winter look, even at the height of summer! Draw or write your characters doing summer activities in the winter-like setting of Lyra. Are they on a snowy beach? Are they picnicking beneath a frosted pine tree?

  9. Do a color study! Draw your character in a color palette dramatically different from their usual one.

  10. Draw or write about crystal-themed clothing your character acquires on Lyra. Is the clothing sequined with crystals? Enchanted sheets of paper thin crystal designed to layer together and not shatter as clothing?

  11. The Starsong Mountains sing a mournful melody as the battle rages on. Write a song or a poem about your character or their experiences on Lyra.

The dragon’s roars start to resonate with the crystals, shattering them into dangerous flying shards! 

12. NEW PROMPT: Draw or write about your character dodging or shielding themselves from the shards as the crystals around the battlefield explode.


If you’ve already gone through all of the prompts, feel free to join our Discord and drop new prompt ideas into the #bugs-and-suggestions forum for review.

Win Conditions

In the past, our battles have had little by way of consequences. The terrors have been defeated swiftly, and with few long-lasting effects to the Paperverse at large.


This time is different.


The boss must be defeated within three weeks, before September 1st. Otherwise, the destruction of its rampage will have severe consequences for the world of Lyra…


For each character you enter into battle with, you will earn…

  • 50 XP per attack or hosted Duocast

  • 40 Gold per attack or hosted Duocast

  • 10 Trokens per attack or hosted Duocast

  • 5 - 7 AP per attack or hosted Duocast. Your duocast partner also earns AP from being depicted in the artwork/writing.

    • 5 AP for sketches and 150 word written works

    • 7 AP for full color art or 225+ word written works

Checkpoint rewards and raffles will also be available for this battle! All of the following winners will earn one Elemensha!

  • The character who deals the finishing blow

  • The character who deals the highest damage

  • The character who wins the battle raffle (all battle entries will be considered tickets into the raffle)

(The person who posts the duocast is considered the host of the Duocast)

 Now you’re ready to join the fray!