What A Tease Baby....

Posted Feb 8, 2007, 9:27:34 PM

Well I wasn't sure exactly where to post this pic. Um...It seemed simi dark with him flippin' the peoples off so I thought what the hell and just post in red curtain. I'm sorry if I should have posted it on paperdemon. I'm still not sure how to divide some of my art into the catagories.

Anyway - this is just a character from the chronicles my best friend and I are working on. He comes into the story born as the main hero's son....well, you can only imagine what kinda boy he grew up to be, LOL

He's about 20 here - and no, no he is not human, LOL

Painter rocks man -it just rocks!


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  • Feb 18, 2007
    *loses breath*

    Fish nets- OH GIVE ME AIR!!!


    Oh wait- the two of us were going to do a collab one day together, werem't we? We should start talking about who's doing what (or what's doing who if it's picture subject XD )
    • Feb 19, 2007
      Glad you like.
      I don't mind doing a collab - but I'm not much for thinking sometimes, LOL
      If you already have something in mind - I'm willing to hear it?
      What would you prefer? To draw or color? And of who or what? Really I don't mind even if it's one of your originals ^_^
      • Feb 19, 2007
        Oh- I'd definatly want to draw- I hate colouring ^^; I'm forced to cause people like to see colour beter >.>

        Um- if you want an already drawn one, there's Yin yang twins http://www.paperdemon.com/art/view/10060 That one needs to be coloured. Either that, or if we have a common love for something... I forget what your favs were ^^; You watch anime?
        • Feb 20, 2007
          Hmmm that might be a new challenge for me - all that hair! O_O
          Well - if you really want that one colored that's fine with me! ^_^
          Um - if you do decide to do a fan pic - yeah I do watch anime - if you're doing the lineart its fair for you to decide of whom/what.
          • Feb 20, 2007
            It depends- I'll need a *little* more time before I can do my own art again (without guilty conscince ^^; ), so, I can send this one now, or it'll have to wait till I've done my to do list. I'm happy with either ^^
            • Feb 20, 2007
              I'll go ahead and color the pic. ^_^
              I just hope you don't mind that they might look a lil' different in my style LOL
              • Feb 20, 2007
                Naugh- as long as you follow my guidelines on colour I'm happy ^^ PM me your email, and what format you want it in ^^
                • Feb 20, 2007
                  Oh it's okay - I got the image from the link you sent me - I can work with that. ^_^
                  I just hope you won't get bored seeing the same picture colored since I see that a couple peeps did so for you already! XD
                  But really - I don't mind - I'll probably start working on it tonight.
                  • Feb 21, 2007
                    NO! Don't use a low res!! I wouldn't want that. If you're going to do a beautiful job, I'd rather see it on a printable quality size than a tiny version. Do PM your email me ^^
  • Feb 15, 2007
    WOOHOOO!! Is it hot in here or is it just u? hawhawhaw!!

    Heart the pic!! New Favorite !!




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